Rushdoony: The Failure of Men

Early in the modern era (only in the nineteenth century in the United States), men abandoned the family and its responsibilities to their wives, and religion was similarly relegated to women as their concern. Men chose irresponsibility, and the double standard became a way of life. Of course, men insisted on all the Biblical authority given to a man while denying its responsibilities, forgetting that … Continue reading Rushdoony: The Failure of Men

Schwartz: The Day Salvation Was Born

In looking back on my childhood, I remember the Christmas gifts that disappointed me, rather than the Christmas gifts that made me happy. Two instances stand out in my mind. But first let me give you some context. I was raised right outside New York City. I was the third of four children, and my father was a physician-a general practitioner-who still made house calls. … Continue reading Schwartz: The Day Salvation Was Born

Chalcedon: Its Time for the Christian Right to Oppose the Draft

Conscription is not a patriotic necessity. It has no clear Biblical support and is dangerous to our liberties. Timothy D. Terrell Growing up with Christian Right influences all around me, I became quite familiar with the view that Christian patriotism included supporting the U.S. government’s foreign military adventures. If the government needed troops for a war, it was the duty of every male American of … Continue reading Chalcedon: Its Time for the Christian Right to Oppose the Draft

How Christianity’s Attitude Toward Justice and Taxes Led to the SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage

By Martin G. Selbrede There has been no end of Christian punditry directed against the recent Supreme Court ruling concerning marriage. We’ve heard disputes about definitions (“whatever else it is, it’s not a marriage”), bald citations of the appropriate Biblical texts, commentary on anti-Christian agendas, tirades against “legislating from the bench,” opposition to federalizing a state matter, tradition, values, faith, etc. And each of … Continue reading How Christianity’s Attitude Toward Justice and Taxes Led to the SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage

We’re Entering An Era of Truth

OpalMirror Compfight CC
OpalMirror Compfight CC

Kevin Swanson and Martin Selbrede discuss the recent church sex scandals and the function and role of the church for preserving the faith, justice and the health of the body. If you’re wondering how to reconcile your thoughts about what you’re reading lately, if you’ve been silenced in an abusive church, this radio program will help you reconcile your experience to the law of God. Please share this important message.

We are seeing church attendance drop off tremendously. We are seeing the church weakened tremendously. The discouragement of preaching against homosexuality from the pulpit. There are indications of the softening of sexual morality of the christian church, especially the leadership. Kevin Swanson suggests that it is a demonic force that has a hold of the church.

Sexual abuse seems to appear everywhere in Catholic and Protestant churches these days. It is hard to comprehend the level of damage these things have done on whole segments of the old Western church.  It is hard to comprehend the damage done to individual subjected to it. How do faithful churches react?  What is the proper approach to egregious sins committed by leaders? Kevin Swanson interviews Martin Selbrede, the author of an important article on the subject in Faith for All of Life Magazine. Continue reading “We’re Entering An Era of Truth”