Warhorn Media – When Bitterness Accompanies Infertility

I can’t tell you how often I am comforted by the stories of women in the bible who also struggled with infertility. I’m comforted by them because when I look at Hannah who was mistaken as a drunkard in her pleading to God for a child, I feel less crazy for feeling so sad. I’m comforted by Sarah who spent her young married life all … Continue reading Warhorn Media – When Bitterness Accompanies Infertility

Erica Layne: In Defense of the Small Life

We know the name of every pet in our neighborhood. (The bunnies down the street are practically celebrities around here.) The local grocery clerks notice when our kids get haircuts. The UPS guy, whom my kids revere on a Santa Claus level, talks to them by name every time we see him. Our best afternoons involve lightsabers, Tinkerbelle dresses, Netflix, and our front lawn. And our very best afternoons … Continue reading Erica Layne: In Defense of the Small Life

Mercatornet: Infertility and Ignorance

Feminism taught a us a different kind of womanhood all together. One that had little to do with how God designed women, and what His intended purposes are. Unfortunately, many women discover this truth far too late. As reported by the Chicago Tribune recently, a national survey of childless women in the USA aged 25-45 found that while more than half wanted to have kids … Continue reading Mercatornet: Infertility and Ignorance

Challies: Saved Through Childbearing

In a recent sermon I found that I had to touch upon one what I consider of the trickiest passages in the Bible: 1 Timothy 2:15. Here is what this verse says: “Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.” Taken on its own, this is a remarkably sexist statement. But I’m convinced there is truth … Continue reading Challies: Saved Through Childbearing

Lies vs. Truth – Spiritual Preparation for Birth

I thought we were very prepared for the birth of our first child. I paid close attention to what I ate, I exercised up to the morning I went into labor and took natural childbirth classes. We were educated and prepared mentally and physically. Sadly, I had not given a single thought to the spiritual aspect of labor. When I got into active labor, fear … Continue reading Lies vs. Truth – Spiritual Preparation for Birth

On Motherhood and Profanity – Elisabeth Elliot


[Editor’s Note: Previously published here May 25, 2011. This devotional appeared on Elisabeth Elliot’s website. I would link to it, but the devos rotate and do not stay up on the main page for more than a day. This is such an important topic that I just had to pass her wise words along. Thank you to Sarah E. for sharing it with me!]

“OK now, which one of you clowns put that bag of M ‘n’ Ms in the grocery cart?” The mother looks harried.

Two boys, maybe five and seven, eye each other and race away toward the gumball machine near the supermarket door. There is an infant strapped to a plastic board on top of the groceries, and a two year old occupying the built-in child seat in the cart. The mother picks up the M ‘n’ M candy bag and starts toward the aisle to return it. The two year old screams and she relents, throws the bag in with the rest of her purchases, patiently waits her turn at the check-out, fishes five ten-dollar bills from her purse, receives her small change, and pushing the cart with the babies in it, herds the two boys through the rain to the station wagon in the parking lot. Continue reading “On Motherhood and Profanity – Elisabeth Elliot”

Strength in Weakness


Excerpt from Queen of the Home:

As you begin to grasp just how vitally important your role as the queen of your home is, it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Building a nation, raising an army, training, guiding, guarding, loving, helping and nurturing—as well as changing diapers, washing dishes, wiping cute little noses, doing laundry and tending to a mind boggling array of other duties around the clock—is a tall order to fulfill. Isn’t this all just a bit too much to put on one person? Is it even possible to attain to all these high and lofty ideals? What if we have no idea how to begin?

Take heart! This is where we must remember that we cannot depend on our own strength to do this great work. We are weak, we grow weary, we are sinful, we get tired of laying down our lives for others (we just want to lay down and take a nap), and we can easily lose our vision (it got buried under all those piles of laundry). When discouragement begins to creep in and you feel like throwing in the towel (or, in this case, the crown) consider just a few of God’s beautiful and sure promises: Continue reading “Strength in Weakness”

Mankiller Chronicles: More U.S. Women Than Ever Are Breadwinners

More U.S. women than ever are breadwinners, Pew study finds. As America continues its slide away from biblical gender roles, the trend line continues in the direction of the demise of man as provider – one of the key responsibilities of men. The L.A. Times released this article below, based on a recent Pew Research study. The researchers say the problem is being created by single motherhood. Well … Continue reading Mankiller Chronicles: More U.S. Women Than Ever Are Breadwinners

We love kids, lots, and lots of kids…Here are 20 Reasons Why

There are some things that most children are naturally good at. For example, more often than not they are wonderful at playing. Kids are creative, fun-loving and a positive part of our lives… so having fun is easy for them. Sometimes, though, they need a little practice at being kids. These 20 children, for example, need to spend some serious time practicing hide and seek. … Continue reading We love kids, lots, and lots of kids…Here are 20 Reasons Why