A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

My first words to her were: “Miss Bathman, I presume? No time for formalities, we have a Missions Conference to attend and a display to set up.” I noticed that Lenora was impeccably dressed and had a carpet fabric handbag.​We spent the next 12 hours in constant conversation and by the time I delivered her to her hosts for the night, the house was ominously pitch … Continue reading A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

Desiring God: Moms Need Theology Too

When you are drop-dead tired and your child is sick and your husband is out of town for work and you don’t think you can make it until he returns, it is your theology that tells you that God will provide you with the grace you need in the moment (1 Corinthians 10:13). It is your theology that reminds you that you can’t do life … Continue reading Desiring God: Moms Need Theology Too

Erica Layne: In Defense of the Small Life

We know the name of every pet in our neighborhood. (The bunnies down the street are practically celebrities around here.) The local grocery clerks notice when our kids get haircuts. The UPS guy, whom my kids revere on a Santa Claus level, talks to them by name every time we see him. Our best afternoons involve lightsabers, Tinkerbelle dresses, Netflix, and our front lawn. And our very best afternoons … Continue reading Erica Layne: In Defense of the Small Life

Keepers of the Springs

By Peter Marshall Originally published, May 29, 2003 Once upon a time, a certain town grew up at the foot of a mountain range. It was sheltered in the lee of the protecting heights, so that the wind that shuddered at the doors and flung handfuls of sleet against the window panes was a wind whose fury was spent. High up in the hills, a … Continue reading Keepers of the Springs

Chad Ashby: Brothers and Sisters, Unwed Pregnancy Is Not a Sin

There is a glaring hole in our fight against abortion. It is found in our churches among the quiet pre-service whispers as she walks by. It is heard at Sunday dinner as her name bounces back and forth across the table among interjections like, “But she comes from such a good family!” It is seen in the averted eyes and not-so-subtle head wags. “Wait you … Continue reading Chad Ashby: Brothers and Sisters, Unwed Pregnancy Is Not a Sin

Strength in Weakness


Excerpt from Queen of the Home:

As you begin to grasp just how vitally important your role as the queen of your home is, it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Building a nation, raising an army, training, guiding, guarding, loving, helping and nurturing—as well as changing diapers, washing dishes, wiping cute little noses, doing laundry and tending to a mind boggling array of other duties around the clock—is a tall order to fulfill. Isn’t this all just a bit too much to put on one person? Is it even possible to attain to all these high and lofty ideals? What if we have no idea how to begin?

Take heart! This is where we must remember that we cannot depend on our own strength to do this great work. We are weak, we grow weary, we are sinful, we get tired of laying down our lives for others (we just want to lay down and take a nap), and we can easily lose our vision (it got buried under all those piles of laundry). When discouragement begins to creep in and you feel like throwing in the towel (or, in this case, the crown) consider just a few of God’s beautiful and sure promises: Continue reading “Strength in Weakness”

Teaching Our Children to Lament

When does a child change from crying baby to cry-baby? Sometime after the single candle is blown out on that first cake, after walking has been mastered and talking has begun, many parents start thinking of their child differently. I know I did. Over the space of months, as our helpless infant reveals personality and preferences, we start to see those tears differently. No longer … Continue reading Teaching Our Children to Lament

Sturdy Womanhood- The Story of a Mother

When I was growing up, my Mom worked a lot. She was a hair dresser during the day and waited tables at night. Sometimes, she had three jobs. That was life. She was divorced, buried her oldest son and she worked. My Mom never walked around saying being a Mom was hard. Life was hard, but she didn’t walk around defeated. It was what it was. Read the rest here … Continue reading Sturdy Womanhood- The Story of a Mother

The USA’s Childless Women

The story of changing fertility and demographic structures is continuing to gain media attention in the US. The Pew Research centre has crunched the numbers from a recent UN report, the World Fertility Report 2012. According to the UN’s data, US women who are coming to the end of their childbearing years (40-44 years old) are among the most likely to have to childless compared to similar cohorts … Continue reading The USA’s Childless Women

Delight-Full 31 Days to a Happier Baby Trailer and Book!


31 Days to a Happier Baby . . . And Wholehearted Motherhood

Mothering is hard work. Completely worth it — invaluable, actually. But it’s hard work. Mothers need encouragement and truth spoken into their lives as they raise their little ones. Delight-Full gives mothers a scriptural perspective on the whys and wherefores of motherhood and offers mothers the gift of hope. Author Kate Collins speaks from personal experience, sharing stories that describe how parenting is so much more than tricycles and freezer cooking. Parenting is about reflecting God to our children. Parenting is giving our children a tangible, yet very fallible, glimpse of what God’s love for them is made of. Continue reading “Delight-Full 31 Days to a Happier Baby Trailer and Book!”