Equally Valuable, Purposely Different


By Bethany from GirlDefined

The world says that Girls can’t. We know that girls can. We’ve proved to the world that girls can rock, girls can be strong, girls can rap, girls can be funny, girls can play the lead and girls can run the show. You just have to be courageous and challenge the notion of what it means to be a girl. We’ve proved girls can.

It’s no surprise that when a recent makeup commercial had famous actors and singers quote lines like those, the commercial instantly received millions of views as soon as it hit youtube.

I don’t know if you realize it or not, but 21st century girls have picked a battle, and it’s against themselves.

Girls as a whole have decided that the male and female genders have been viewed as different for way too long. They want to smash that idea into the ground and show the world that girls can be just like guys, and in many cases, even better. They say that the qualities and characteristics that make girls distinctly female need to be removed. Girls need to show the world that there is no difference between genders and that a girl can do anything a guy can do. They say their cry is for equality, which they claim comes from sameness.

Hold on.

Can I ask a couple of questions? Since when did being distinctly girl become so incredibly bad? What’s so horrible about being a girl and why are we trying to fight against being one?

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One thought on “Equally Valuable, Purposely Different

  1. I like your article and that commercial. It is pretty bogus all those stars were told girls couldn’t be funny or own businesses.


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