FBC: Giving Our Daughters “The College Experience”

Ever wonder why we’re having the cultural experience that we’re having right about now? Ever wonder why we’re having the “gay marriage is ‘legal’” experience now in America? (See: “Supreme Court” Votes for Wrath of God Upon America.) Ever wonder why we’ve been – and continue to have – the “child-sacrifice for convenience is ‘legal’ experience here in America? (See: Selling murdered baby parts in … Continue reading FBC: Giving Our Daughters “The College Experience”

Rethink Harvard’s Sexual Harassment Policy

In July, Harvard University announced a new university-wide policy aimed at preventing sexual harassment and sexual violence based on gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The new policy, which applies to all schools within the university and to all Harvard faculty, administrators, and students, sets up the Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution to process complaints against students. Both the definition of sexual harassment and the … Continue reading Rethink Harvard’s Sexual Harassment Policy

Why I hated College

Another great piece on the reality of college. For alternative ideas about higher education, The Family Economics Conference hosted by Generations With Vision has covered that topic with panel discussions by Fathers and Sons who have proven there is no need for college. Mature, capable, financially stable and ready to marry before most are out of college. The homeschool movement has proven itself. Also see … Continue reading Why I hated College

Chucking College?


Melanie Ellison has just published a little gem of a book that will challenge old notions of “higher” education and point readers to a better (and far less expensive) path. Melanie has done homeschool grads (and, truly, all high school students) a great favor by pulling together research, analysis of modern educational trends, and personal stories from the battlefront of “higher” education. If you’re standing at the fork in the road wondering which way to go, grab a copy of Chucking College today. Or if you’re a parent who isn’t sure what alternatives are out there to the (expensive) brick-and-mortar option, please read this book.

Below is a short excerpt from this excellent book:

What will it profit a girl if she gains the whole world but loses her soul, her lifetime financial freedom, her purity, her love of reading, her unique individuality, her entrepreneurial momentum, and four peak years of her life? A college degree may no longer be worth the world to us when we see what we have to surrender for it. The costs for that piece of paper—financial, emotional, spiritual, and temporal—rise higher with every graduation.

When we really think it over, a degree may not be necessary to equip us for each of our life purposes. Many college graduates discover (after the fact) that a degree was not a prerequisite for their success.  Continue reading “Chucking College?”