[Obama is] painting a picture of how he’d like to expand the administrative state to include government pre-school. Because public schools are doing such a good job generally. Anyway, he then took an absolutely bizarre swipe against stay-at-home mothers: “Sometimes, someone, usually Mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her … Continue reading

Why I hated College

Another great piece on the reality of college. For alternative ideas about higher education, The Family Economics Conference hosted by Generations With Vision has covered that topic with panel discussions by Fathers and Sons who have proven there is no need for college. Mature, capable, financially stable and ready to marry before most are out of college. The homeschool movement has proven itself. Also see … Continue reading Why I hated College

So, You Lost Your Job – The Lord Is Your Keeper

Trust is one of the biggest struggles all women face. Trusting ourselves is easy but trusting ourselves to another is a whole different story. The constant stream of “what ifs” that flood our minds is proof enough. And then there are the tough times. Job loss does come and all our fears are compounded by the feminist “I told you so’s” which tempt us to … Continue reading So, You Lost Your Job – The Lord Is Your Keeper

Starting Your Business – Part 1

In addition to wealth generation and Kingdom impact (such as we see with the Cook’s Pest Control case), having your own business – especially a family business – can also reform the family economy and relationships. A family business can reverse the conditioning by our consumer-driven economy to spend our earnings on wood, hay, and stubble rather than invest for a future return. Further, a family business … Continue reading Starting Your Business – Part 1