Amy Loux: An Incompatible Marriage

Parker Knight, Compfight CC
Parker Knight, Compfight CC

When it comes to romantic relationships our society is obsessed with finding the “perfect match” or “soul mate”. Personality tests, attraction, chemistry…these are the things we talk about when we think of compatibility. It’s all a little nebulous, but apparently “when you know, you know”…that spark or indescribable connection is what separates the others from “the one”.

There is a notion that finding someone who is truly compatible with you is the bedrock of a strong marriage. It’s about finding the “right person” to spend the rest of your life with; that one person who will bring out the best in you and vice versa. Family background, future goals and attraction are the basis of this decision making. We think of this compatibility as glue, and the stronger the better.

There’s only one problem…compatibility is not what holds a marriage together.

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