A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

My first words to her were: “Miss Bathman, I presume? No time for formalities, we have a Missions Conference to attend and a display to set up.” I noticed that Lenora was impeccably dressed and had a carpet fabric handbag.​We spent the next 12 hours in constant conversation and by the time I delivered her to her hosts for the night, the house was ominously pitch … Continue reading A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

Harvest USA: A Millennial’s Lesson from Parenting Young Children: Finding Joy in Dying to Self

God’s calling to pick up your cross and die to self is inevitably painful. Every cross has its own challenges for each person. Although there are several implications for what it means to bear your cross, this begins with dying to the worldly lusts and desires that we once held dear. It is a call to lay our wills, ambitions, plans, and wants down for … Continue reading Harvest USA: A Millennial’s Lesson from Parenting Young Children: Finding Joy in Dying to Self

MercatorNet: The Joys of Parenting

There are some great conclusions here. One, it’s feminism making women unhappy not children. We can’t have it all. In our arrogance and pride we’ve bought into the idea that we can fill both a man and woman’s roles, sometimes even at the same time, sometimes through delaying our calling and life work of motherhood until we’ve made our way without men. The reference to … Continue reading MercatorNet: The Joys of Parenting

Mommy Trenches: To the Lady Ashamed of Being Pregnant with Her Fourth

I met you in the elevator on my way back from the pediatrician’s office. It was just me and Wren, and you looked at her fondly in her stroller. When the elevator doors opened, you very kindly held the doors open for me. As I clumsily maneuvered the stroller past you, I accidentally ran over your foot. “Don’t worry about it,” you assured me over … Continue reading Mommy Trenches: To the Lady Ashamed of Being Pregnant with Her Fourth

Southwest Airlines Cares About Families

One company on Fortune Magazine’s “world’s most admired companies list,” the definitive report card on corporate reputation, has been on their list for 20 consecutive years. A little investigation reveals a not only a growing company, but also global outreach programs teaching work ethic, skills, and entrepreneurship, numerous customer satisfaction stories and now this, concern and care going above and beyond for a mother and her … Continue reading Southwest Airlines Cares About Families

The New Singleness

kaje_yomama Compfight CC
kaje_yomama Compfight CC

[Editor’s note: Maggie Gallagher’s The New Singleness is from 2011 but still pertinent. Her article is referring to Katie Bolick’s Atlantic Cover story, Nov. 2011 – All the Single Ladies. (Which actually has some good historic references. She plainly admits she isn’t interested in keeping with them.) Maggie does well outlining what the millennial generation is facing; something we must understand. The new norms, temptations, propaganda, the emptiness desperately need to be addressed. We see in our crowd young men and women marrying and starting families right away. We see happy christian marriages, faithful spouses, capable and educated young people who lead rather than follow. We have a story to tell. There is hope even for this new singleness.] Sex has been divorced from meaning. Men are not being raised to be good family men, and women are not being raised to appreciate good family men. And men are failing to become the kind of men women want. Porn is available for all as a substitute for life. So Kate, facing a future without children or marriage, wants to celebrate singleness and to kill her youthful idealization. Continue reading “The New Singleness”

Independence and the Family

THEODORE DALRYMPLE’s observations of Great Britain (which he recently shared at Hillsdale College) are sadly true of America as well: “. . . the notions of dependence and independence have changed [in Britain]. I remember a population that was terrified of falling into dependence on the state, because such dependence, apart from being unpleasant in itself, signified personal failure and humiliation. But there has been … Continue reading Independence and the Family

Are we ready for the “grey tsunami”?

Traditional family has the most to offer. The investment in building your family is done for a number of reasons. The time you take to build the solidity, functionality, and unity means more resources, flexibility, personalized care, and privacy as the family takes on caregiving for their own as they age. Mercator reports: The situation in the USA seems to be a bit different to … Continue reading Are we ready for the “grey tsunami”?

Sick of Being Lonely?

The News Story – Extreme loneliness worse than obesity A new study reveals that as damaging as obesity is to health, “chronic loneliness” rivals it. The study, reports the Toronto Sun, finds that “loneliness increases the chances of premature death by 14%, which is as much of an increase as that caused by being overweight and nearly as bad as poverty in terms of undermining an individual’s long-term … Continue reading Sick of Being Lonely?