Holmes: How to Handle Your Spouse’s Sexual Past

Long before I was even considering marriage, a Titus 2 woman shared with me the pain of confessing her sexual history to her future husband. “It was hard,” she told me. “We both cried. We both repented. It made us a stronger couple.” I remember being grateful for her openness with me, but also feeling that her story didn’t really apply to me. My romantic … Continue reading Holmes: How to Handle Your Spouse’s Sexual Past

The Affair

By Chad Bird, author at the Flying Scroll

theaffairThere are times when a man and a woman, even though they’re good people, even though they’re both married and committed to their respective spouses, even though these spouses love them, find themselves falling in love with another person whom they think is their soulmate. It isn’t planned. They’re not looking to cheat. But out of the blue they meet someone else and begin thinking, “I might be happier with this other person.” Then they have a choice to make.

That, at least, is the premise of the new Showtime drama, “The Affair,” which began airing earlier this month (October 12). One of the co-creators of the show, Sarah Treem, told Hitfix, “The idea [for the show] was that you’re in a marriage, you love your wife, she’s a good woman, you’re a good man. You have kids and then you meet somebody by chance who [sic] you think is your soul mate. What do you do?” Continue reading “The Affair”

Flirting with Sexual Sin

Tonight, my Beloved showed me a video she found online called the Evolution of Beauty(see video below). It begins with a plain-looking young lady with no makeup sitting down at a mirror. Then time speeds up as make-up artists and hair-stylists work their “magic” for what seems like hours: painting her face, highlighting her eyes, concealing her freckles, hiding blemishes, teasing her hair and making her … Continue reading Flirting with Sexual Sin

The Artistry of Sex, Forgotten in the World

We’ve lived so long in a hyper-sexualized culture that we no longer recognize its hyper-ness. What was once shocking and offensive has become “entertainment” and mainstream. One sad consequence is an accompanying loss of beauty in sexual things. With loss of beauty comes also a loss of worship. Not the worship of the thing itself (sex); there’s plenty of sacrifice and prostration at the altar … Continue reading The Artistry of Sex, Forgotten in the World

How To Save Your Marriage From An Axe Murderer

We have cre­ated a world that has lit­tle account­abil­ity, easy access, secrecy, and vir­tual iden­ti­ties. We can be who­ever we want to be when we are online. And it can prove to be very dan­ger­ous for us. The other day, I received a pri­vate mes­sage through my Face­book account from a man who was one of my “friends.” We have sev­eral mutual friends. When he … Continue reading How To Save Your Marriage From An Axe Murderer