Preparing Sons For The Future

By R.C. Sproul Jr. of Highland Ministries Don’t follow the folly of the world. An excellent question. Too often we in the church follow the folly of the world in taking a passive approach to the future. We tend to believe all we have to do is show up, and if things don’t work out well for us, it must be the system’s fault. Another … Continue reading Preparing Sons For The Future

UK Readers – How to Work from Home

For many, working from home is a step to coming home. For others it’s the ideal family arrangement to have Daddy’s office right down the hallway and wives can help with that. Integrated family life adds so many benefits for raising children. Here in the US the tax benefits out weigh employee status by far. Here’s a great “how to” for our UK readers. Enjoy. … Continue reading UK Readers – How to Work from Home

Getting Back Home: Practical Financial Steps

Two jobs in one household just isn’t cutting it. After paying federal and state income tax, and social security, reducing taxes in a vary limited fashion as an employee, deducting from the second income work related expenses, ie the cost of the second car, travel, day care (which can offer a tax credit), work wardrobe, eating out, etc. which all adds up pretty quickly, the … Continue reading Getting Back Home: Practical Financial Steps

Marriage linked to Income Increase

The News Story – Marriage rates keep falling, as money concerns rise A Pew Research Center Report released Wednesday reveals that a record 20% of adults over the age of 25 have never married, and that number is expected to rise to 25% by 2030. The New York Times reports that at least a part of this marriage decline is due to “the country’s deepening socioeconomic divide.”  Women, it seems, … Continue reading Marriage linked to Income Increase

How strong families help the economy

The government will never provide for you as well as a stable two-parent family will. That’s the summary of the Heritage Foundation’s first annual report on America’s societal and economic trends, released Wednesday. The 2014 Index of Culture and Opportunity states that while abortion and violent crime are on the decline, the marriage rate is also dropping, giving rise to single-parent homes and accompanying economic … Continue reading How strong families help the economy

10 Things Millennials Won’t Spend Money On

Late marriages, no children — that’s the penchant of the “millennials” demographic. TIME MAGAZINE reports: “Many aren’t planning on having kids. In a 2012 study, fewer than half of millennials (42%) said they planned to have children. That’s down from 78% 20 years ago.” Prudence in planning for the future is wise, but we must not be risk averse with the profoundest of blessings that … Continue reading 10 Things Millennials Won’t Spend Money On

Marketplace Womanhood: Dumping Debt

If you’re in debt, here’s the good news: All the debt you’ve ever accumulated, you accumulated in the past. Even if you put a $500 purse on a credit card this morning, that mistake is in your past. All you have now is your present and your future. If you’re tired of debt, there’s no greater opportunity than the one you have right now to … Continue reading Marketplace Womanhood: Dumping Debt

Why I hated College

Another great piece on the reality of college. For alternative ideas about higher education, The Family Economics Conference hosted by Generations With Vision has covered that topic with panel discussions by Fathers and Sons who have proven there is no need for college. Mature, capable, financially stable and ready to marry before most are out of college. The homeschool movement has proven itself. Also see … Continue reading Why I hated College

How Loving Your Husband Makes Him A Better Leader

From, comes a piece about the effectiveness of good loving relationships at home, on performance, leadership skills, and business to business relations of your man. How to Conquer the Need to Be Loved When I wrote an article recently touching on the potentially destructive nature of needing to be liked, I knew from my own experience how pervasive a leadership issue it was, but I … Continue reading How Loving Your Husband Makes Him A Better Leader