American Vision: The Great Conservative Hypocrisy

Conservative Christians oppose liberals in general. We pretend we have the moral high ground. We oppose abortion, the homosexual lobby, etc. Yet Christians accept a host of socialist wealth-redistribution schemes. The most glaring example of this is education. Christians, almost to the person, accept and fight for the institution of public education funded by other people’s wealth. Christians will employ every intellectual artifice imaginable in order … Continue reading American Vision: The Great Conservative Hypocrisy

Join us for the ‘February is Red’ Pinterest Promotion & Marketplace Launch

‘February Is Red’. Click to see… Did you know that LAF/Beautiful Womanhood is on Pinterest? We are. We’ve been building boards that will bring you vision, inspiration, good deals, resources and business opportunity that fits with your life and style. Some people tweet, some are facebookers, and some love to pin. We hope we’ve captured your Pinterest. Why are we on Pinterest? We are launching the … Continue reading Join us for the ‘February is Red’ Pinterest Promotion & Marketplace Launch

Save Up To Marry or Marry To Save Up?

Data suggests “married couples seem to build more wealth on average than singles or cohabiting couples. Why might it matter if marriage fades among working and middle class Americans? Even though marriages are not guaranteed to last, healthy marriage relationships do promote human flourishing. Marriage successfully integrates emotional intimacy, parental responsibility and economic cooperation into committed, permanent union. Working and lower middle class couples who … Continue reading Save Up To Marry or Marry To Save Up?

Marriage and Economic Well Being: The Economy of the Family Rises or Falls with Marriage

Patrick F. Fagan, Andrew J. Kidd and Henry Potrykus

Executive Summary

The economic well-being of the United States is strongly related to marriage, which is a choice about how we channel our sexuality. The implications of sexual choices are apparent when comparing family structures across basic economic measures such as employment, income, net worth, poverty, receipt of welfare, and child economic well-being. In all of these the stable, intact married family outperforms other sexual partnering structures; hence the economy rises with the former and encounters more difficulties and inefficiencies as it diverges from it. Continue reading “Marriage and Economic Well Being: The Economy of the Family Rises or Falls with Marriage”

Industrialization and Marriage

From the Colson Center: I recently learned that the concept of the family room originated from guidelines that the government issued in the middle of the 20th century when specifying how homes could qualify for insurance. A new model of the home emerged which deliberately detached it from labor and functionality. Government planners urged architects and home-owners to get rid of walls and doors, to … Continue reading Industrialization and Marriage

Why is Europe committing demographic suicide?

Sobering: Demographers, economists and psychologists are scratching their heads over a phenomenon that breaks all their statistical models and paradigms of human behaviour. Why would people who are prosperous (and, despite the current situation, western Europe is) not want to do what human beings have always done and leave a posterity? How can they contemplate the eclipse of their nation? One answer might be that … Continue reading Why is Europe committing demographic suicide?

More people waking up to the college illusion

We’ve been saying for years that the brick-and-mortar model was outdated and would go the way of the dodo. We’ve been mocked and misquoted and told we’re trying to prevent women from getting an education, when that’s absolutely not the case. We’re just in favor of a real education that doesn’t involve a lifetime of debt repayment and brainwashing in leftist philosophies. Now we’re finding … Continue reading More people waking up to the college illusion

Fathers without jobs

From Carolyn Moynihan at Mercatornet: As men sometimes complain, they have tended to be overlooked in the great exodus of women from the home into the workforce and other changes affecting women and motherhood during the past 50-60 years. However, higher rates of unemployment among men in a changing economy has recently drawn some attention back to the ordinary male of the species…. One of … Continue reading Fathers without jobs

The Coming Demographic Catastrophe

We picked up our local paper last Tuesday to read the lead story: that Kenya would begin a strong contraceptive push to bring down its population growth in the next 20 years. Key to the article was the easy-to-miss one-line admission that foreign aid to East Africa is now dependent on the EA community’s acceptance of western birth control policies. In other words, Kenya either … Continue reading The Coming Demographic Catastrophe