MercatorNet: The Joys of Parenting

There are some great conclusions here. One, it’s feminism making women unhappy not children. We can’t have it all. In our arrogance and pride we’ve bought into the idea that we can fill both a man and woman’s roles, sometimes even at the same time, sometimes through delaying our calling and life work of motherhood until we’ve made our way without men. The reference to … Continue reading MercatorNet: The Joys of Parenting

Is Italy Dying?

The Italian health minister has recently said some alarming words about his country’s demographic outlook: We are very close to the threshold of non-renewal where the people dying are not replaced by new-borns. That means we are a dying country,” Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin said. This situation has enormous implications for every sector: the economy, society, health, pensions, just to give a few examples,” Lorenzin said. … Continue reading Is Italy Dying?

Gaining Perspective: The Real War on Women

We’re doing to ourselves what women are being forced to do in countries like China and India. This article is helpful for gaining perspective for what we can expect the effects of this mass genocide will cost us. Women’s health concerns (ie death, cancer, infertility), demographic anomalies, not to mention brutally unlawful atrocities committed against a citizenry. The voices of women crying out for their … Continue reading Gaining Perspective: The Real War on Women

Premature Births Have Skyrocketed Since the Legalization of Abortion

It is one of those obvious connections I cannot comprehend the world not seeing. Actually, liberals, media, and feminists are covering it up, which is why the rest of the world can’t see it. They’re not being told. At least 59 studies to date confirm that forcibly opening a woman’s cervix to commit an induced abortion can lead to an incompetent cervix for subsequent births. Even without studies to back … Continue reading Premature Births Have Skyrocketed Since the Legalization of Abortion

The USA’s Childless Women

The story of changing fertility and demographic structures is continuing to gain media attention in the US. The Pew Research centre has crunched the numbers from a recent UN report, the World Fertility Report 2012. According to the UN’s data, US women who are coming to the end of their childbearing years (40-44 years old) are among the most likely to have to childless compared to similar cohorts … Continue reading The USA’s Childless Women

American Extinction: More Governments Are Worried About Fertility Rates

A recent United Nations fertility report collates some interesting statistics about the fertility of the world as a whole.  Put simply, – and no surprises here – it finds that the developed world is not reproducing at the rate necessary to ensure the replacement of generations. Levels of childlessness (i.e. women who choose, or are unable, to have children at all) are highest in prosperous … Continue reading American Extinction: More Governments Are Worried About Fertility Rates

Why is Europe committing demographic suicide?

Sobering: Demographers, economists and psychologists are scratching their heads over a phenomenon that breaks all their statistical models and paradigms of human behaviour. Why would people who are prosperous (and, despite the current situation, western Europe is) not want to do what human beings have always done and leave a posterity? How can they contemplate the eclipse of their nation? One answer might be that … Continue reading Why is Europe committing demographic suicide?

America’s Baby Bust

From the Wall Street Journal: For more than three decades, Chinese women have been subjected to their country’s brutal one-child policy. Those who try to have more children have been subjected to fines and forced abortions. Their houses have been razed and their husbands fired from their jobs. As a result, Chinese women have a fertility rate of 1.54. Here in America, white, college-educated women—a … Continue reading America’s Baby Bust

World Congress in Madrid affirms the natural family

From Mercatornet: The sixth World Congress of Families, held in Madrid on the last weekend of May, drew 3100 delegates to address the issues confronting the family today. In a concluding statement the congress listed the challenges: “Ideologies of statism, atomistic individualism, and sexual revolution challenge the very essences of marriage and family. Recent legal and public policy changes have corrupted the meaning and dignity of marriage, … Continue reading World Congress in Madrid affirms the natural family